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    Model your scenes interactively in a graphical interface. Arrange and organize the scene elements directly in the scene tree.



    Render the scenes with POV-Ray with one click. The power and quality of a world-class renderer seamlessly integrated with an interactive modeler.



    The power of POV-Ray procedural textures available trough a simple and intuitive interface.

    Texture libraries for immediate access to your pre-made textures and materials.



    Start creating animations using Bishop3D automatic keyframing system. Fine tune your animations using the time line tree


New to POV-Ray?


What is POV-Ray?

POV-Ray (Persistent of Vision Raytracer) is a stand-alone, world-class, freeware raytracer for creating three-dimensional photo-realistic images. It is probably the world's most popular raytracer.

POV-Ray is a script-driven application, which means that you need to feed it with a text file containing the scene described in a scripting language known as POV-Ray Scene Description Language (SDL).

Once POV-Ray have processed the file, it starts building the correspodent image by simulating the interaction of the light-sources, scene objects and the virtual camera.

How does Bishop3D interface with POV-Ray?

In one word: seamlessly.

Bishop3D allows you to model the scenes interactively and it will automatically generate the correspondent POV-Ray SDL script.

Bishop3D communicates with POV-Ray via POV-Ray's extension interface, providing a seamless integration between the modeler and the renderer. You can start render jobs and see the results without ever leaving Bishop3D.